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Our school music programs need your help!


Big Congratulations to Yukon Band for raising $75,240 !!

100% of your tax deductible 

donation supports kids in music.

LOMA Local Oklahoma Music Association trumpet guy

Over $889,189.49 raised for our local music programs as of today!!

"LOMA obtains all of the prizes and provides 100% of the ticket sales to the selling programs.  That sure beats organizing your own raffle and soliciting prize donations or doing product sales which typically provide only 40% to the school!  A big thank you to LOMA's board members and all of the donors who support music in public education." 

-Lori Smith, CFO Edmond Public Schools

"LOMA allowed our program to raise money for needed instrument repairs and necessary equipment. LOMA was the best fundraiser we did all year long!"

-James Martz, Del City HS Band

"Of all the years I have been a band director I have never come across such a wonderful program designed to help further music education in Oklahoma such as LOMA."

-Robert Blackburn, Guthrie HS Band

"This fundraiser provided a huge morale boost to teachers. It is extremely rare that 100% of the fundraising money goes straight to the music programs. This is definitely a win-win."

-Rhonda Taylor, OKC Fine Arts Coordinator

LOMA is a 501-3c non-profit that provides funds for the basic needs of music programs. 

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