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Testimonials From Local Educators

"Thank you LOMA for the opportunity to participate in the "Win a Steinway" fundraiser!! Schools and families are both feeling the financial stress of the times. As a teacher, this fundraiser was a 100% profit opportunity. Several parents commented to me that they liked the easy/stress free fundraiser because of the simplicity and the chance to win a cash prize or instruments (grand piano, guitar, or trumpet).

I am so thankful to LOMA for this incredible opportunity to help my program and kids!! If this fundraiser is available next year - we are on board again!

-Martha Griffith, Longfellow Middle School

"Of all the years I have been a band director I have never come across such a wonderful program designed to help further music education in Oklahoma such as LOMA.  It played an essential role in our program this past year. The money raised helped to pay for new instruments and instrumental repair that is vital to the continued success of our students. Thank you again for all of your support and we look forward to the future."

-Robert Blackburn, Director of Bands for Guthrie Public Schools

"Out of all the arts programs we offer in OKCPS, the need for instruments is our greatest need. It is the one factor that can keep a student from staying in the class.


This fundraiser provided a huge morale boost to teachers. It is extremely rare that 100% of the fundraising money goes straight to the music programs. This is definitely a win-win."

-Rhonda Taylor, Oklahoma City Fine Arts Coordinator

"I am so grateful to Mike Gilliam and the LOMA members for giving my students the opportunity to raise much needed funds for the Santa Fe Orchestra Program.  With the financial crisis in education it is so refreshing to have this organization put such energy into the musical enrichment of our young people.  To say that the benefits of music education are life-altering is an understatement to say the least. The Santa Fe Orchestras saw a benefit from the monies by adding to our music library, purchasing much needed supplies for our instrument inventory, benefiting students who are financially challenged and helping with repair costs.  I felt importance put on our programs was an eye opener for many administrators and parents who do not realize the financial cost of keeping an instrumental program running smoothly."

-Christy Fine, Director of Orchestra at Edmond Santa Fe HS

"These forward thinking folks thought of a fundraiser where the money goes completely to the people who need it, the band students. With the LOMA fundraiser students are able to have more band literature and supplies for their programs.  Our band program at Central Middle School in Edmond greatly appreciated the benefits of this terrific fundraiser.  It was so successful that our parents are looking forward to participating in it again."


-Rebecca Coleman, Director of Bands at Edmond Central MS 

"Using LOMA as a fundraiser was all positive. It was an easy sell for my students, plus getting 100% on a fundraiser is unheard of. I can't thank you guys enough, and hope you can do it again. Starting before Christmas was great because the tickets made great stocking stuffers."


-Bob Scott, Director of Bands at Oakdale Public Schools

"LOMA allowed our program to raise money for needed instrument repairs and necessary equipment. LOMA was the best fundraiser we did all year long!"


-James Martz, Director of Bands at Del City HS

"The LOMA fundraiser provided $27,230 to Edmond Schools which helped to fund things such as instrument repair and the purchase of music.   The fundraiser is well planned and structured to comply with state and federal laws.  And it doesn't get much easier for the school sponsors; LOMA obtains all of the prizes and provides 100% of the ticket sales to the selling programs.  That sure beats organizing your own raffle and soliciting prize donations or doing product sales which typically provide only 40% to the school!  A big thank you to LOMA's board members and all of the donors who support music in public education."  

-Lori Smith, CFO Edmond Public Schools

"LOMA makes a difference! I teach at a small private school that has a very limited budget for all classes. There were no funds allocated for repairs, maintenance or cleaning of instruments from previous years.  Thanks for LOMA, and their raffle/fundraiser, we were able to raise over $1000 to make those necessary repairs!"


A bigger, better band program is on the horizon as more children have access to instruments. Thank you LOMA!!

-Diane Ackman, All Saints Catholic School

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