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Fundraiser Guidelines

1. A director, principal or booster / foundation officer signs for and

receives the numbered tickets. It is understood that the funds you raise with the LOMA Fundraiser will be used solely for the purchase or repair of musical instruments, print & electronic music, equipment, student fees and supplemental teachers or clinicians. 

2. Your sale can run for as long as you want and as many times as you want between the opening sales date September 1, 2023 and closing sales date March 1, 2024.   We recommend you turn in money once a month for reimbursement.  The winner will be drawn March 8, 2024.


3. Ticket stubs and the money raised can be turned in at any time and as many times during the sales period as you want. When LOMA receives sold ticket stubs and money, LOMA will write a check to your organization for 100% of the money that you raised and turned in at that time.


4. First prize is $25,000 cash! Second Prize is a new Gibson Hummingbird Guitar. Third prize is a new Bach Stradivarius trumpet. Student or program selling the 1st prize winning ticket will receive $500. Student or program selling the 2nd prize winning ticket will receive $300 and student or program selling the 3rd prize winner will receive $200.


5.  Participation in LOMA's fundraiser is available to elementary and secondary schools located in Canadian, Cleveland, Garvin, Grady, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Oklahoma, Payne and Pottawatomie counties.

6.  Email with your ticket request. Provide director, principal or booster/foundation officer's name and contact information that will be signing for and receiving the tickets. Include the number of tickets needed, name of program selling the tickets, and where and when you want the tickets delivered.

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